About Valtor

Valtor A/S was founded in 1985
on a vision based on doing the job
and doing it right

We have achieved our broad knowledge within the energy industry, by servicing customers around the world. 
Over the years, when presented with a challenge, we have identified the problem and produced a solution to satisfy all parties involved. The solutions are the result of our qualifications and experience build up over that period of time.


14th of Juli 2017, Valtor A/S was acquired by Armatec Group, part of Ernströmgruppen. Valtor will remain a separate entity, and the management team will remain unchanged.

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At Valtor, we ensure that we constantly meet the relevant norms and standards required by the industri and the governments in which we act.

Our quality system is certified to DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 and we work according to the safety and environmental requirements in ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
We measure, monitor and inspect all our activities, to ensure that we provide optimal quality aligned with the client’s specifications.


We will continue to work in an honest way, and improve our relationship with our clients, by giving them more confidence, better consultancy and technical assurance, within their needs.



  • We are fully dedicated and committed to our customers. You can count on us and the products we supply.
  • We give our best to deliver consistent quality services, and meet our customer demands.
  • We do what we say, and we fulfill expectations and keep our promises.


  • We all share responsibility for our company as a whole and for its results.
  • We have a social and environmental responsibility, and we carefully protect the positive image of our company.
  • We demonstrate individual responsibility by:
    • Respecting the culture, rules and customs of the countries in which we act.
    • Taking personal responsibility for our actions
    • Performing our work to the best of our ability


  • We act thrustworthy and honourable, and we always tell the thruth
  • We act with the highest ethical standards
  • We ensure that the products we supply, are of the highest quality within our customers specifications



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